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The goal for practice owners is to ensure that their patients get quality dental services, but also that the brand continues to grow and expand. At Dental Buying Network, we have dedicated our services to helping independent dental professionals grow their careers and practice as a whole.

So Why Join Our Network?

On average, we can help your practice save approximately *$20,000 a year. The more vendors you decide to work with, the more you will save! This is a no-risk investment, as you can only save money in the long-run. We want to provide our members with enough value that they can easily maintain independence and stay competitive!

Areas We Can Help You Save

We have partnered with many different vendors to help independent dentists save in all aspects of their business and personal life! For example, some of the vendors on our roster can help with extensive financial preparation in areas such as banking, accounting, and human resources. Specific areas where you can save on also include:

• Dental Supplies

Through connections to various companies in the dental industry, we can help our members get better prices for their supplies, which would prove difficult if they were on their own.

• Professional Services

We believe that you shouldn’t skimp on good professional advice. We are proud to work with qualified and experienced professionals that provide added value or services unavailable to the average client.


• Office Supplies Management

We help our clients get the best and most affordable prices for their supplies. By liaising with relevant companies, we can guarantee our clients better pricing, saving funds for other projects.


Connect With Us!

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you save! The more members we have, the greater our collective buying power – resulting in more discounts and savings for everyone!

We can’t wait to help you start saving for 2021, which will hopefully be your practice’s most successful year yet!

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