How To Achieve A Strong ROI For Your Dental Practice


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As businesses gradually return to the new normal, you may be wondering, where should I be investing my money? At Dental Buying Network, we want to share the best places to invest in for a strong ROI, and what you can do to maximize productivity. Let’s take a look at the best places to grow your cash flow, and where your focus should be for 2021! 

Dental Supplies

It’s no surprise that dental supplies are a huge cost in running a clinic. Our savings in this area is just one of many benefits of being a part of our network! Here, we can help your sole proprietorship have the buying power of a corporation! We encourage all of our members to take advantage of the strategic partnerships we have secured, and to maximize what they have to offer! One of our great vendors, ClearCorrect, has been in the clear aligners business for over 14 years, and has served tens of thousands dentists all around the world! 

As provincial lockdowns start to be lifted, we know that the demand for PPE and face masks will linger for months to come. Don’t lose out on extra costs due to poor planning. Our partnership with JY Care, a Canadian owned medical mask company, ensures it promotes quality over all else! Take a look at the rest of our supply vendors and never be afraid to reach out to us for advice on how to maximize these relationships!

Office Management

You would be amazed how an efficiently run office can save you money, and your patients from a headache! SignForms provided through Market Dental is a paperless way for your patients to sign treatment forms, and to enroll new patients in your clinic! Feel confident knowing your business is fully stocked with our partnership with Staples! Office supplies can add up over the months, and with Dental Buying Networks combined purchasing power, you’ll be sure to save big on supplies! 

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Never hesitate to contact us about our partnerships! Learn more on how you can join our network today, and for any questions regarding membership enrollment, call us at 1-855-701-7437. We can’t wait to connect and to set your business up on a path for success for many years to come!

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