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If I were to ask you how healthy is your practice, what would your answer be? Has your growth plateaued, is your team motivated and committed, is your patient base truly attached to your practice?

When was the last time you had a “check-up” done on the systems that run your practice? To understand the past and current state of your business and to confidently move toward the growth and goals you envision for your business, it might be time to consider a Comprehensive Business Assessment®.

A Comprehensive Business Assessment® (CBA®) is similar to that of a Comprehensive Oral Examination you perform on your patient. The CBA® analyzes the 3 vital factors of your dental practice; your team, your patients and your business.

The dental analogy continues as the CBA® transforms into a unique treatment plan for the practice, similar to the individualized treatment plan for a patient. The needs and goals of the doctor(s) ultimately determine the nature and the timing of the coaching plan.

The CBA® process begins with the end in mind. The first crucial step in planning for the future is defining specific and measurable long and short term goals, both professionally as well as personal, for the doctor(s). Establishment of goals determines the direction and sets the pace for growth and development.

Once goals have been established, the next step is to complete a comprehensive analysis of the practice as it exists today and to establish a base line from which to grow. An analytical coach completes a review of the practice, concentrating on the areas of financial health, management structure, operational systems and team/patient relationships with regards to communication.

The role of the analytical coach in this process is that of a detective and advisor.  Analysis of the “nuts and bolts” of business, the sensitivities of team requirements and accountabilities, the game plan of the doctor as well as the prevailing economic environment of the practice location gives the analytical coach the information to consult with the doctor and to help design the plan that can chart the path for the doctor’s next level of success.

A plan for future growth and development is found in the gap between what currently exists and the doctor’s goals.  From the analysis of that gap, an action plan is created to provide an objective look at how to close the gap and allow the doctor(s) to achieve their goals.

Do you want to close the gap?  Based on evidence and analytics, our Comprehensive Business Assessment® and report will show you how to close the gap to where you want your practice to grow.

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