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Mission Statement

1) To help independent dentists get preferred pricing or services normally available only to larger groups or corporations.

2) To strive to provide real tangible benefits, helping each member save/earn money that they couldn’t do alone.

3) To push hard for more and better deals as membership grows, and our collective power increases.

Management Team



Dave is the founder of the Dental Buying Network. As an active prosthodontist, and before that an owner of 2 general dental clinics, he is intimately aware of the financial stresses that sometimes plague independent practitioners. While looking for ways to operate more efficiently he became aware of the preferred pricing larger corporate offices are able to negotiate and thought “why couldn’t independent offices do that?” Turns out we can! What started as a side project turned into the Dental Buying Network. Dave feels that we truly are “better together.”


Pat has experience as a dental office manager for over 30 years. We were lucky to pry her out of retirement to help as member liaison! She is warm and friendly with a cheery disposition and an eagerness to help. Give her a call with any questions. You’ll be glad you did!

Landon Orr

Landon has a decade of sales and account management experience, helping individuals and large corporations manage their buying experiences. He is knowledgeable, accessible and involved with his clients. His wealth of experience and dedication to his client’s will help all of our dental partners, like yourself, navigate this new and exciting opportunity with ease. He looks forward to getting to work with you and help your business excel from the bottom up!