Four Steps To Save In 2021


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It’s no secret that there is power in numbers. Especially when those numbers consist of professionals coming together as a community of resources, the results are greatly beneficial! Our team at Dental Buying Network (DNB) provides a network that includes connections amongst independent professionals through an exclusive membership. The purpose of the membership is to provide better ways for independent dentists to save and grow their practice. It gives the option for benefits, pricing, and services that usually would only be available to larger groups or corporations.

Although we at DBN are based out of Edmonton, Canada, the wide range of vendors is not limited to local professionals. Even better, the discounted prices and deals that the membership offers are not limited to dentistry! Our members can save thousands of dollars on dental supplies, professional services, practice growth, office supplies/management, lifestyle and continuing education nationwide!
There are just four steps that we suggest for individuals considering joining our network in 2021:

First Step: See If Group Buying Power Is Right For You

As mentioned, our mission emphasizes finding ways to help the members of our network save money. The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) points out the overhead cost for dental practices is expensive. In part, the patients they service do not have to pay directly to the clinic on the front end. On the back end, there are still staff, equipment, and operating costs. We are committed to providing options that allow the same quality of service from the provider while also considering our provider’s financial state of affairs.

Second Step: Sign Up

So you’re interested in the membership? Smart choice! DNB is now offering our annual membership for the first year at the special price of $895 until August 2021. After August, we will provide a monthly membership. However, the membership price will depend on the member size and other factors. So by signing up under the annual membership now, you’re saving money already!

Third Step: Discover Dental Buying Network Benefits

Here are some examples of our benefits. We offer savings on:

We are also excited to note that we will soon be adding more benefits. Some of these include networking on-site to share cost savings measures with our members, finding associates, and enabling charitable giving and receiving!

Fourth Step: Start Saving!!

Statistics Canada noted in March 2019, there was roughly $1.79 of debt for every dollar of disposable income for Canadians. The statistic was measured when the economy was in good condition. The adjustments were seen and felt with the pandemic in 2020. For dentists, financial success is measured not just by the money that the dentist keeps after billing, but also by practice expenses and lifestyle spending. The McNulty Group, a firm that manages $375 million of Ontario dentist’s retirement savings, estimates that 70 percent of dentists will fail to meet their retirement goals. We mention all of this to emphasize further: start saving today!

Start the new year off right by becoming a member of the Dental Buying Network. If you have any additional questions about our national dental savings membership, you can contact us online! We can’t wait to help you save time and money!

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