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Savings, discounts, benefits… These are all buzzwords to any business owner’s ears! Dental practice owners are no different. When it comes to the world of dentistry, there are endless items needed for a successful dental practice. At Dental Buying Network, we hear your plea, and you are not alone!

Our goal is to bring typically unattainable savings, bigger discounts and intangible benefits to independent dentists. How do we do this? We bring our members together to create bargaining power and negotiate a larger discount with our vendors. We cover everything from dental supplies, professional services, practice growth, office supplies and management, lifestyle and continuing education.

What Vendors Does a DBN Membership Cover?

We are proud to have OVER 27 vendors to date, and we are continuing to add more! Some of our vendors to date include Henry Schein, Podium, Tickets at Work, Ripe Resolution, Transitions Group, Dental Savings Club, Purolator, Quickbooks, Golf Town, Hertz, Citagenix, TD, National Dental Innovations, MOR Construction, Petro Canada, Dentist on Demand, and many more!

While we are proud of the deals we have secured so far, we are far from done. You can expect to see more companies added on a regular basis, and existing deals to improve over time. Feel free to reach out to us to see what’s new, or to suggest companies you would like to see on the network. Remember, by joining with us you are helping us all achieve something better! With our low investment to join (less than $100/month in the first year) there’s no reason not to start saving today, and make a statement in favour of independent dentistry!

Canadian Dentists – Time to Save!

We want to bring together as many independent Canadian dentists as possible to help share the savings and achieve MORE savings together! If you know a dentist in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto or any other city across Canada – share the benefits with them! For questions about The Dental Buying Network membership, contact us today!

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