Where Dentist’s Should Be Investing their Money In 2021


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2021 has been a year like no other. You may be wondering where you should be investing your money for continued practice growth. As lockdowns and heightened restrictions have changed the lay of the land in dentistry, Dental Buying Network is here to help you through, and guide your assets to something you can see a return in! Let’s take a look at the key areas to invest your money, and how you can help your practice grow!

Streamline Communication

It’s no surprise having consistent communication with your patients is important in today’s climate. By investing in tools such as direct mailing campaigns, you are ensuring a precise and quality message is being read by your patients. This is an incredible time to put your own branding practices in action, and really differentiate yourself from competitors. Physical mail is more impactful and meaningful than digital, and can give a deeper impression. As many people transitioned to working from home, now more than ever, both new and potential patients are on standby. This makes for an effective tool to not only reach your existing roaster, but help attract new patients as well!



As the world starts to go back to normal, your patients’ lives will start getting more hectic, giving them a greater need for seamless transactions with their appointments. Make sure you are investing in up-to-date technology so the back end of your business never suffers. Intuit Quickbooks Online is one of our partners that can assist in accounting, track cash flow and even assist with payroll. The IT Crowd is another one of our vendors that can assist in both web and network services. Dental Buying Network works as a team and we invite you to work in tandem with as many of our amazing partners as possible! In a time like 2021, stop stressing about the little things, and focus on what matters most, your patients!

Lets Talk

Dental Buying Network is here for you! Stop paying full price for dental supplies, professional services, practice growth, office supplies/management, and continuing education. Some of the vendors we work with include Purolater, First Edition Aid Training, and TD Bank

Give us a call at 1-855-701-7437 or email us at info@dentalbuyingnetwork.com. Let’s get on a call and discuss our monthly membership program, and make sure your practice is set up for success!

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