How Can I Save My Dental Practice Money?


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We know you want to give your patients the best service possible, but how do you do this without breaking the bank? Whether it’s a quick fix, or a permanent change, there are many things your practice can do to help save money. Dental Buying Network is here to give you the tips on running an effective business, without cutting corners, and all while saving money!

The Power In Numbers

When you’re an independent dentist, you might find yourself paying top dollar for supplies and services. When working with Dental Buying Network, you get the benefits of group purchasing. From TD Canada Trust, to MNP, we have a vast, and growing network of partners to offer you! These qualified, and experienced professionals provide value or services not available to the average consumer. When you leverage our partnerships, not only will the value of your practice grow, but your network will too!

Save Big On Supplies And More!

When you become a member at Dental Buying Network, you can expect to save big on office supplies and professional services. Long gone are the days of only large organizations saving money on group discounts. As Staples, Purolator, and other great vendors have agreed to treat our network, as a single entity, your practice will gain greater purchasing power. You would be amazed how savings can add up!

A lot of practices believe they can save money by using old, outdated equipment. While this can save you a dollar today, you will be sure to pay it and more in the future. New dental technology is made with the idea of serving more people. Open Dental Software is just one of our vendors that can help you stay up-to-date! They offer affordable software that will help you streamline practice management so you can focus on your patients!

Let’s Talk!

Between owning two dental clinics, and more than 25 years of experience, Dave and Bronco are here to help you! We offer direct savings on office supply management, professional services, continued education and more! Find out more on our deal of the week! To discuss more on how to save your practice money, call or text us at 1-855-701-7437. Find out how to join our network today!

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