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1. Is there a cost to join the Dental Buying Network?

Yes, there is, but we have tried to keep it low, at less than $100/month so, as not to be a barrier to joining. DBN’s goal is that joining DBN should be a “no-brainer.” Most people will save enough in the first month or two to cover the cost for an entire year.

2. How much can I expect to save?

Well, that depends on you. Our goal is $20,000 per year in average savings. However, it depends on office size, how dedicated you are to saving right now, and how many of our vendors you decide to work with. The savings can grow significantly if you take advantage of our practice growth and advertising deals as well. We feel this is the hidden gem of what we offer!

3. Do I have to change how I order?

For the most part, no you do not have to change. You will order through the vendors bown websites, using their reps, or however you do it now. They will update your preferred pricing on their back end. We wanted it to be simple! However, for those interested we do offer periodic large group purchases with even greater discounts,
which are handled through our website and communicated via email and/or text.

4. Will I be roped into a restrictive contract to get this pricing?

No. Your only contract is with DBN unless you choose to extend a relationship with a company of your own accord. Our plan comprises a monthly subscription fee with no penalty for leaving, to provide maximum freedom. This was critical to our mission – to provide our members the freedom to order how and where they chose, but provide options that are better than they could obtain on their own. We do encourage everyone
to use our vendors, as our collective spending is tied to greater future discounts!

5. How many vendors do you have deals with? Will I recognize or use any of them?

We have deals with more than 50 vendors across multiple industries, and our list is expanding. We wanted to provide savings anywhere a dentist might spend money. Most of our vendors are well recognized “national corporations’ in the dental industry. Check out our partners link on the website to see who we work with!

6. Where are you located? Are there regional restrictions regarding who can join?

We are national buying group, with our head office located in Edmonton, AB. While we do have a few regional partners, most of our deals are valid across Canada. Our vision is to join independent offices across Canada to collaborate and negotiate together.

7. What future do you have for DBN? Will it look the same next year?

As we grow and expand our deals and discounts will grow and expand. We are constantly adding new vendors and increasing discounts where possible. We will be leveraging our size for larger group orders and initiating a charitable side of the group. No, the Dental Buying Network will not look the same next year. It will be exponentially better!

8. Why should I join the Dental Buying Network?

Our motto is “Better Together.” This is something we really believe. Founded and managed by a fellow dentist, we are trying to show that by grouping up as independent practices we can command the same attention and discounts as large corporate dental offices. We can stay competitive. We can thrive. By joining the Dental Buying Network you will not only save lots of money, but you will be taking a stand in favor of independent dental practice.